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Here you will find info on ebooks sold in the Internet. You can quickly find the ebook of your interest and read a review, made by those, who have read the ebook. Please write a review of the ebook you have read for other people to get to know your opinion.

How to Publish An Ebook

It seems that everyone wants to publish an ebook of one kind or another. You see them being given away on many sites all over the web,
and they're attracting a lot of downloads. Traffic is the goal, a popular e-book can bring you many viewers, if it's given away free from hundreds of web sites. Your ebook can contain advertising from businesses and programs you're promoting, and you can sell ad space in it! Here are some pointers:

  • Know your target audience.
    Use a writing style similar to that of your emails or web site. Keep it light with lots of white space. Writing is just 'harder to read on a computer screen, so don't let people get bored.
  • Think about how you will to distribute it online. Unless it's widely available you will have wasted your time writing it because you will have few readers. Typically the best way to distribute an ebook is to load it to your own web site, then write to ezine publishers and high profile sites inviting them to grab a copy to give away on their site.
  • If you plan to sell the book you can still give away the first few pages and password protect most of the content, just as you
    would with a web site. Then sell people access to the rest of the book.

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buy books Library Literature ebooks ebook downloads free ebooks